Mediation. Solving conflicts instead of blocking them

Wherever people live and work together, conflicts will arise – between companies, departments or employees. Conflicts can disturb processes and have a negative impact on results, but they can also create valuable input for cooperation. Mediation is a fast, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to litigation in conflicts. As a certified mediator, I have a broad range of arbitration and de-escalation instruments at my disposal to bring about constructive resolution of conflicts or timely avoidance of escalation when conflicts occur. That way, expensive and time-consuming court proceedings can be avoided and a constructive work environment can be restored. My deep multicultural understanding, rooted in my extensive intercultural background, enables me to carry out mediation in different cultural settings.

“With patience and respect for all parties, I am able to bring faltering negotiations back on track and to a successful end.”
(Kees Jan Boorsma)