Competencies. High speed thinking and actions

A team player with strong leadership capacities, with vision coupled with hands-on mentality, with an eye for detail but also an overview of the situation. These characteristics are the feedback I receive from from clients, former colleagues and superiors. They distinguish my approach.
It is always my goal to integrate different stakeholders in order to generate efficient solutions in which all participate and pull on the same rope and in the same direction. Endurance and perseverance, pragmatism and flexibility – these are all elements that characterize my approach in negotiating constructively, also with difficult negotiating partners. My certification as a mediator helped me build upon these skills.

A detailed CV and references are available upon request.

“I’m a mover and a shaker. For you this means receiving a fast and realistic assessment of the situation paired with the ability to implement necessary adjustments effectively.” (Kees Jan Boorsma)