Consultant Automotive. Flexible partnership

Global Automotive can also support you with Consultancy – with expertise and vertical market experience gathered in different positions within the international automotive industry. Depending on your requirements, I can bring fresh ideas or act as your sparring partner or simply a neutral third party, analyzing and evaluating your business processes from a neutral perspective. As co-pilot I can support your company, bringing new input and highlighting possible solutions. You can expect sharp thinking skills and rapid adaptability. As a specialist in the positioning and steering of international brands, I support you with tasks such as:

  • Strategic and operational development of markets and distribution channels worldwide
  • Increasing exploitation of available market potential for sustainable and profitable growth
  • Development of new markets and channels
  • Branding

“I am your sparring partner, facilitating your achievement of goals, increasing revenue, streamlining processes and opening new domestic and foreign markets.” (Kees Jan Boorsma)